About Us

D’Amico Wawrin & Company CPAs, LLC is a boutique certified public accounting firm located in Akron, Ohio.  The firm offers employee benefit plan audit and consulting services for plan sponsors of benefit plans as well as for other accounting firms.

The firm is owned and operated by Michelle L. D’Amico, CPA and Valerie A. Wawrin, CPA, CFE.

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Brandywine Falls - Sagamore Hills, OH

Brandywine Falls - Sagamore Hills, OH

Auditing employee benefit plans is a specialized practice requiring knowledge and expertise beyond what is necessary for performing a financial statement audit. 

Michelle and Valerie each have over 20 years of public accounting experience.  Michelle's experience focuses primarily on employee benefit plan audits and related consulting and Valerie's experience is within the public and private accounting sectors; including over 18 years of employee benefit plan audit experience.

DWC team members have extensive knowledge in the following additional employee benefit plan matters:

  • Centralized and decentralized accounting and HR environments

  • Mergers, acquisitions, plan spin-offs

  • Hard to value investments

  • Working with internal audit

  • Current and pending regulatory and accounting pronouncements

  • Partial terminations

  • Initial audits and stub period audits

  • DOL and IRS investigations

  • ERISA compliance matters

  • Various DOL and IRS correction program

Passion Drives Success

Specialized knowledge and experience matters; it fuels our passion.  You don’t have to love working on your benefit plan audits - because we do.  Our devotion translates into solid suggestions, advice, and exceptional work. 

You have options.  You can work with a firm that does employee benefit plan audits, or you can work with the firm that does only benefit plan audits.  With so much at risk, from a fiduciary standpoint, trust the firm that loves benefit plans -- it’s all we do.

Our Services ...

Employee Benefit Plan Consulting Services including:

  • Managing participant counts

  • Correction of errors

  • Audit and financial statement preparation services

  • Technical questions

  • Continuing Professional Education (CPE) presentations

  • Quality control or second review services for other accounting firms

  • Out-sourcing of staff

Audits of Employee Benefit Plans including:

  • Defined Contribution – 401(k), 403(b), profit-sharing, ESOP

  • Defined Benefit – pension, cash balance

  • Union-represented plans

  • Health and Welfare

  • Master Trusts

  • Full-scope

  • Limited-scope