Our Value

We respect your time and understand that it is valuable.  We employ a streamlined audit process customized to your specific type of benefit plan.  To begin, we start with a customized audit request list (also known as a “PBC” list).  We try very hard not to use “audit speak” in our request, but instead, we make our requests more specific and precise so you know exactly what we are asking for.  To stay agile and flexible, we have cut out needless hierarchies and bureaucracy, affording you and your team direct access to senior technical and executive leadership.  This translates to the swift resolution of issues or questions, open communication channels, and enhanced service delivery -- all of which you deserve.


What Makes Us Different..?

We specialize in employee benefit plans (EBP) audits and consulting services.  That’s all we do...

Auditing employee benefit plans is a specialized practice requiring knowledge and expertise.  For us, it's not just “summer filler work”; it's a passion.  Unlike most public accounting firms who may have a few individuals working on EBP audits, basically on a part-time basis; everyone at D’Amico Wawrin works exclusively in the employee benefit area, and again - That’s all we do...

With DWC you will have the continuity of working with seasoned professionals you know and trust and will not have to battle a continual learning curve.  With many CPA firms, your engagement will be staffed by a revolving door of recent college graduates that may ask many of the same questions every year.  At DWC, you will be working directly with the owners and other highly experienced professionals.  You can be assured that the work will be performed thoroughly and correctly.  This saves you and your staff time and aggravation.

We are committed to consistently deliver a quality EBP audit.  Since we do not work on corporate audits or taxes during the traditional “busy season”, we have time to thoroughly plan each audit.  This translates to test samples being sent to clients well in advance of the scheduled fieldwork. 

With our extensive experience and specialization in EBP audits; we don't just get it done, we get it done right and we get it done efficiently.

Choose DWC for Experience And…

  • Dedication solely to employee benefit plans
  • Accomplished partners, each with 20 plus years at regional and national firms
  • Quality - the firm is a member of the AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center
  • The benefit of working with a 100 percent woman-owned business
  • Consistent engagement team
  • Direct access to partners
  • Efficient processes
  • No “audit speak”
  • Promises delivered
  • Service that puts you first